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Les jardins du centre Majâm
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The surroundings of the Holistic Center 

Coming to follow a workshop, training or energy or quantum treatments at the Center Majâm du Moulin also means being able to enjoy the charms of our beautiful Normandy! 

The place is conducive to healing energies.

If you wish to stay several days in the region you will find   several places to stay because the Mill does not offer accommodation.

The Marettes barn:



Concerning the activities around the Mill, the Animal Park of Clères is really magnificent, the majority of the animals are free there and the park always offers many animations and shows:



And while you are training at the Majâm center, your children can have fun at the Parc du Bocasse, a leisure park that I myself went to a lot when I was young! :

If you are a golf lover, you are going to enjoy it! 

The green forest golf course:

The Yerville golf course:

The Rouen Mont Saint Aignan golf course:

Saint Saens golf course:

The Jumièges golf course:

Regarding all that you can see around Rouen here are some addresses to consult:

The surroundings in pictures.....

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