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le moulin du Tôt

The Majam Holistic Center at the Moulin du Tôt

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The Center  Holistic Mâjam
au  Moulin du Tôt

The  Moulin, an extraordinary place and building... 

Located in a hamlet in the commune of Clères in Seine-Maritime, this mill has a very beautiful history.  About 1400 souls live in  Clères. The name of this charming village comes from "Clara" which means "The Source" and was built in the 9th century around a fortified castle which is now part of the Zoological Park. This park is the second tourist site of the department with 100,000 visitors per year. It was created in 1919 by the ernitologist Jean Delacour and extends over 52 hectares.

First of all flourmill from 1830,  the Moulin du Tôt was then owned by Jean Lecanuet then turned into an Art Gallery and cabinetmaking workshop thanks to the talents of Bernard and Gisèle Roques. This famous   gallery has hosted many famous artists including Vervish, Michel Ciry and many others.....This beautiful hamlet surrounded by forest was for a very long time a place of pilgrimage_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ in particular thanks to its Chapel reputed to cure children who are slow to walk and   people suffering from rheumatic pain. The Chapelle du Tôt is dedicated to Notre Dame des Buis and is a former parish church in which the brotherhood of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary was founded in 1515 linked under the old regime to the Abbey of Sainte Catherine du Mont de Rouen ( where my previous house was!!!!!) 

It's a magical place! which has been transmitted to us by beautiful people, artists, visionaries, enthusiasts and I thank them for it. I wanted to develop this place without taking away its past, so I wanted to keep memories of the flour mill but also of the "Galerie du Vieux Moulin". It is fully decorated and furnished with the greatest respect for the environment. Her garden has been preserved as Gisèle designed it with her love of trees and flowers. Fauna and flora unfold there as well as fruits and vegetables in a large vegetable garden and a greenhouse.   I also bet on recycling for furniture, nothing new was bought but everything comes from recycling centers, Emmaüs and sometimes also from sites selling objects of used by individuals.

We advocate the non-use of fertilizers, pesticides or harmful household products for our health and yours. This building has a soul that you   perceive as soon as you cross its threshold, it envelops you.

It is the ideal place to soak up powerful energies and serenity thanks to   the presence of the forest and the "Clérette" small river which crosses it.

The Healing Center: When Magic invites itself....

Oliver and I acquired this Moulin in January 2021 to realize our dream and exercise our respective passions.Olivierhas a passion for cooking, everyday cooking. He is keen to revive the desire to cook with his fellows! To regain the taste for cooking fresh products from the local fabric and to raise awareness that this is the best way to maintain and even recover good health.


He has set up a vegetable garden at the Moulin entirely made up of old seeds that have not been genetically modified and therefore not sterile but which carry life and are reproducible. These seeds were purchased from Pascal Poot and Kokopelli whom I invite you to discover if you do not know them.

As for me, Sophie, I dreamed of a calm, green and rejuvenating place bathed in powerful energies where I could transmit my knowledge in energy and quantum therapies but also exchange and create a community of people on the path of awakening in order to accompany them in the discovery of their extrasensory abilities and their sacred arts. 

I also want to   help people who are looking to give meaning to their lives, those who are looking to reconnect with their true essence and who, lost along the way, are stuck in a malaise.

More and more therapists wishing to bring more power to their practices are coming to me to learn this language of the universe through the mastery of vibrations and frequencies, which I call Quantum therapies.

  This place found us, this house chose us. 

We are both happy and honored to welcome you to our home.

The Gardens of the Mill

The Soul of the Mill

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